YURI’S Tutoring

Email: Yuri.tutoring@gmail.com

Why my students do so well?

(1) Customized lessons - not like those big generic tutoring places.

(2) Based on real exam questions - I provide you with hundred of pages of resources!

(3) Multi-media teaching style (I use exciting new technology)

(4) I quickly build rapport and there is not awkward situations (phew)


Biology (all levels);

Chemistry (all levels);

Maths (all levels);

General Science (all levels);


HSC, VCE & International Baccalaureate (IB)

My Background

Education: 98.6 UAI/ATAR (top selective school);

B.Med Sc (1st Class Honours Pathology);

Masters of Medicine + PhD Scholarship (Medicine)

What material is provided?

All exam materials (HSC/VCE/IB exams + worked solutions), textbooks, learning aids, 3-D modeling kits.

Who We Help

I help students who are looking to get a boost in class, aren’t able to keep up, or feel a little overwhelmed with everything! My proven techniques ensure people are able to actually have a life outside of study (unlike other places)!

Teaching Experience

Over 12 years of teaching experience at private schools, selective schools, tutoring colleges, university 1st year (UNSW, USyd) and privately across various curriculum.

Email: Yuri.tutoring@gmail.com