Sarah T. (Ascham student)

“I just received my acceptance letter to UNSW Medicine, and couldn’t have done it without Yuri.”

Mary H. (Parent; Steven attended Cranbrook School)

“We were extremely pleased with Yuri. He was polite, professional and prompt at all times, and his good tutoring techniques extended and encouraged Steven. Thanks again and I wish Yuri all the best.”

Alex C. ( Sydney Grammar School)

“Yuri was a terrific mentor and tutor (he put up with me for 3 years)! He was highly recommended by a teacher at school, and definitely helped me get through the tough part of high school. I was tutored through Year 10 Science to HSC Chemistry and 2 Unit Maths. He was always dedicated, supportive and very patient with me! Couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks!”

Alice K. ( Kambala School)

“I was tutored by Yuri all throughout Year 12 and it was fantastic having extra help when doing the IB Program, especially at a school where it was only recently introduced. Additionally I was a boarder so it was great that he came to the boarding house!”

Paul (UNSW 1st Year)

“Really helped me with the bridging course. I passed and I had never done a science subject before!”

Grace (Endeavour Natural Health)

“Couldn’t finish first year biochemistry, chemistry without him!”